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The "Group of national unity" supports Irans peacfull changes into a free democracy with nonpartisan and scientific articles. We are looking forward for your support and your articles at our Round Table.

Research Contest

We would like to arrange a contest regarding the following three topics:

1. What is the veil and where does it come from? The reasons and the historical development? What positive or negative functions does the veil fulfil today?

2. How can the process of introducing democracy to the Islamic countries be intensified?

3. Peace between religions – but how to achieve it? What political, economical, cultural and social components - within society and external – condition lasting peace among the religions of the world today?


1. The contribution should not exceed 50 pages in length.

2. It may be written in Persian, Arabic, German or English.

3. The author is responsible for the content of the essay.

4. All contributions will appear on the website:


5. The contribution must be submitted by the end of May 2007 at the latest.

6. Ten of the best essays about the three topics will also appear as a book published by Djassemi Verlag. The authors will receive a 10% royalty on the sales price.

7. The best essay about the three topics will be awarded a prize of €3,000.-

8. The essays will be decided on by a competent board.

9. The right to take legal action is excluded.